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Conference Workshops

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School Open Days - A masterclass in delivering enrolment success

Join Christina Adamopoulou and Nellie Bailey for this hands-on workshop about School Open Days. This session is designed for marketers and admissions officers. We will present practical strategies that will help you:

  • Attract and engage prospective students and families,

  • Increase registration and attendance rates

  • Deliver excellent customer experience during the event and

  • Achieve enrolment success.

Gain actionable insights and tactics to boost enrollment numbers and stand out amongst your competitors in the market. Designed with your needs in mind, this workshop offers practical advice to maximize the impact of your Open Day events and drive enrollment growth. We hope you leave the session feeling inspired and with an outline ready to implement in your school.

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Unlocking the future: the role of Early Years in shaping your school

Join Carolyn Reed and Katie Cardona from Reed Brand Communication for an enlightening
workshop focused on the pivotal role a nursery or pre-school can play in future-proofing your
Based on their own robust research and market intelligence, Carolyn and Katie will take you on a
deep dive into the importance of building your school from the bottom to ensure growth
and financial stability while at the same time offering the seamless educational journey parents
are seeking.  
Whether you already have a nursery you’d like to develop, or want to start one from scratch,
Carolyn and Katie will give you insights and strategies to achieve your goal.
Join this transformative workshop and take the first steps to creating a future-ready school.

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Crafting a Data Protection Blueprint: Empowering Schools for GDPR Success

In this comprehensive workshop, educators and administrative staff in schools will delve into the intricacies of crafting a robust data protection framework tailored to the unique demands of educational institutions, ensuring seamless adherence to GDPR regulations. Participants will explore strategies for efficient and sustainable implementation, addressing key areas such as marketing, admissions, and communication processes. Special emphasis will be placed on accommodating the turnover and transition inherent in school environments, equipping attendees with practical tools to navigate personnel changes while upholding stringent data protection standards.


Through collaborative discussions and hands-on activities, this session aims to empower school stakeholders with the knowledge and resources necessary to safeguard sensitive information effectively and ethically in today's digital landscape.

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