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Dancing in a storm - what Taylor Swift can teach us.
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“with you I'd dance, in a storm in my best dress, fearless”


We can learn a lot from Taylor Swift: how to weather the tough times; how to take back our power; how to build a brand. In a lot of ways she exemplifies what being 10% braver really looks like.


In this keynote, Rachell Fox shares how Channing is navigating the choppy waters of a likely Labour Government with their plans to end charitable tax breaks and put VAT on fees, the combination of high inflation and a borderline recession leading to concerns about fee affordability for both current and potential parents, and of course a falling birth rate compounding the difficulty of filling our schools.


Among other things she will talk about how Channing School (shortlisted in 2023 for the Independent School of the Year marketing award) has been building confident and consistent marketing communications with their myth-busting advertising campaign and what the school’s ethos of being 10% braver really looks like in practice.

Building great experiences for future facing parents and pupils with 'Celebrity Service'
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Author and keynote speaker, Geoff Ramm returns to this year’s ISBI conference ready to deliver some of his latest stories, ideas and techniques that will inspire you and your team to create memorable experiences that will light up your school and excite your parents and pupils.

Geoff said “Why should a family choose your school over another? 

What will tip the scales in your favour?  After all your fees could be similar.  Your wonderful grades might be the same too.  Or how about your great reputation, powerful testimonials or stunning images?

Or maybe, just maybe, your school could be the number one for customer experience and service?

Not just a little better than the rest, but an experience light years ahead of other schools.  You know, the experience that is talked about for decades to come, the service that is written about in books and one that will ensure parents will be queuing round the block to bring their child to you.

Geoff will reveal a mindset shift you can easily make to think and deliver differently, with his award winning keynote ‘Celebrity Service’.

“It has been a while since I was last at the amazing ISBI conference, and I can’t wait to return.  From the words you use, to the way your team can support one another, I will share some truly fantastic stories from New York to Edinburgh and the greatest email ever….from Australia!

From receiving that first enquiry, to how to keep in touch, from amazing open days, prepare for your touchpoints to never be the same again…

“The absolute highlight of our conference” EMIRATES

“Hugely inspirational” CINEWORLD

“Incredible. Inspired our teams to record breaking results” SPECSAVERS

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Helen Lewis-McPhee image.jpg
Game-changing: a future-facing marketing strategy

“In our rapidly changing marketplace, staying ahead requires a forward-thinking approach that embraces innovation and adaptation embedded in a deep understanding of your audiences. In this session, Claire Bath and Helen Lewis-McPhee will take a deep dive into their AMCIS award-winning campaign and walk you through the process of crafting a future-facing strategy that understands your evolving market, consolidates brand identity, refines your messaging, and ultimately reaps the rewards.”

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